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Serbian: Simple Sentences 1 - Interactive Textbook with Audio

The interactive reading book with audio works only on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac.

E-Book in Latin and Cyrillic Script with Audio

A1 = Novice Low / Mid / High

The interactive textbook Serbian: Simple Sentences 1 is designed for language level A1 – Novice Low/Mid/High and consists of 14 short reading texts written in both Latin and Cyrillic script with translation into English. In addition, each chapter contains the corresponding audio text from the audio book of the same name. All sentences are in the present tense and the listening exercises are arranged to correspond to the chapters from the book and e-book of the same name, available separately.

Author: Snežana Stefanović
Pages: 62 | 14 Chapter with audio | in Latin and Cyrillic script
File size approx. 35 MB

Full preview download available on Apple Books

Preview Screenshots
Also available as a printed book, e-book or audiobook