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Serbian Simple Sentences 1 - Audiobook

Narrators: Snežana Stefanović, Danilo Wimmer

Audiobook in Serbian with English Translation

  • Level: A1 – Beginners = Novice Low / Mid / High
  • Duration: 77 Minutes | Available online

“Serbian: Simple Sentences 1” is a dynamic learning resource designed specifically for beginners at A1 level. The short listening texts offer ready-made sentences to practise and learn Serbian with ease. Each sentence is practice-oriented and written in the present tense to convey an authentic feeling for the language. The sentences are first presented in English, followed by the Serbian version and an inviting pause to repeat the sentence in Serbian. This unique learning method is supported by topics and chapters that harmonize perfectly with the book, e-book and interactive book (e-book + audio) of the same name, which are available separately.

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