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Learn Serbian Cyrillic



Textbook, 3. Edition

The book “Learn Serbian Cyrillic” is a textbook for learning the Cyrillic script, which is used in Serbia in its three forms: as block letters – štampana slova, as block letters in cursive – štampana kosa slova, and as written letters – pisana slova.
The textbook contains didactically designed exercises: the letters in Cyrillic script are practiced in groups and consolidated through writing and reading exercises and short texts in dialogue and narrative form. In terms of language level, texts and exercises are written at language level A1 – novice (low/mid/high) or beginners. The more demanding passages can be easily understood with the help of English translations. Words without a translation are just as easy to understand because of their similarity to English words.
At the end of the book there is key to exercises. The longer text exercises are also translated into English and can also be found at the end of the book under “Key to Exercises”. 

Author: Snežana Stefanović
Pages: 100 | Formats: paperback, e-book

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