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Trifun i mali fudbaleri

Snezana Stefanovic: Trifun i mali fudbaleri - Short Stories



A Short Story in Latin and Cyrillic Script with Vocabulary List
2. Edition

A1 = Novice Low / Mid / High

Trifun, a pensioner in the heart of Belgrade whose simple desire is for an afternoon rest, has his peace disturbed by three lively boys in his neighborhood with their spirited game of soccer. An inevitable confrontation ensues as both parties feel the other should give in and be more understanding. – This enchanting story is not only an enjoyable read, but also a seamless way to improve your language skills. Immerse yourself in the narrative, where cultural and linguistic nuances blend harmoniously. – A charming story easy to read.

Author: Snežana Stefanović
Pages: 92 | Formats: paperback, e-book

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